Little Marvel Designs is now Heather Ferlazzo Art! Same artist; new business name.

Archangel Gabriel Inspirational Fine Art Print


In this watercolor painting, Archangel Gabriel, whose name means "God is my Strength", supports a tired young woman. She has been on a difficult physical and mental journey. She has traveled a great distance through rough weather and fierce terrain. She's even defended herself against a life-threatening rattlesnake with merely a stick. She's wounded and weary and drags her feet to continue forward. Yet through this journey Archangel Gabriel has been by her side. He feels her suffering and bears her wounds. He holds her up and lends her his Divine Strength while looking deep into her eyes, inspiring her to keep going.

© 2018 Heather Ferlazzo

  • Available in three frame-ready sizes with or without a white mat.
  • Frame not included.
  • Original medium: Watercolor