Little Marvel Designs is now Heather Ferlazzo Art! Same artist; new business name.

Celtic Green Man Fine Art Print


Wearing a crown of oak leaves and with pan pipes tucked in his belt, the Green Man in this watercolor painting casts a wise yet gentle stare at all who approach him. In this painting I took a non-traditional approach in my interpretation of this forest god. Rather than covering his face with leaves, I wanted to see more of his handsome face, yet still express his deep connection with Nature through the vines and vegetation adorning his figure. I also felt that echoes of flute music resound through the forest where he walks, therefore, I chose to have him carry the traditional pan flute.

© 2018 Heather Ferlazzo

  • Available in three frame-ready sizes with or without a white mat.
  • Frame not included.
  • Original medium: Watercolor